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  • Doppler is a Privacy oriented, Untraceable, Decentralized, Secure
    Crypto-currency having Cryptonote at its Core.
  • Ticker : DPR
  • Total Coin Supply : 10 Billion DPR
  • ICO Block Reward : 0.01% will be rewarded as airdrop, bounty for various tasks to Doppler Community
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Block Retarget: Every Block
  • Block Reward: 10 DPR
  • DPR Reward Scheme: Term Deposit
  • Annual Return: 20% On Deposit Amount
  • Minimum Deposit Tenure: 1 Month
  • Maximum Deposit Tenure: 1 Year
  • Block NumberPercentageAmount Investment PrincipalTenure In MonthInterest AmountTotal Amount You Get
  • Long Term Goals


    Till 2050 everything will be connected using invisible technologies. These technologies are non other than the coming Technological Future

    that is IOT [Internet of Things] and Nano-Technology. Soon the world will see Nano-IOT spreading everywhere. As these technologies will play

    a very big part in Consumer Electronics, Automation, Robotics, Muti-media, Banking and more. The market size for these technologies will be quiet big.

    Doppler team is intended to invest in these technologies, financial institutions and will despatch solutions based on these technologies in coming future.

    Upcoming Developments


    With the launch of Doppler Crypto, development of support-nodes for the network

    which are IOT-based equipment has also started and most probably will see its first

    prototype by Q1 of 2019. A finished IOT based support node will keep the blockchain

    running smoothly. More functionality to the support-node will be added further.

    2018 (Q3) - Doppler Block Explorer, Exchange

    2018 (Q4) - Chat platform based wallet, Mobile Wallet & Miner, Further Announcements...

  • Doppler Team is commited to provide a stable, secure crypto and a

    better financial companion to the Social and Technology Community.

    Following adaptability more than enhancement and accomplishing all

    purposefull and constructive goals which will help

    Doppler Community to achieve the greater vision.

  • Technology and human life cannot be separated, society has a cyclical co-dependence on technology.

    It is impossible to explore how each new advanced technology has impacted our lives and how it will

    impact the future. Technology impacts the environment, people and the society as a whole.

    No technology is usefull and fruitfull if it is not used for the welfare of mankind and enviornment.

    There are bodies and NGO's who are using technology as an ally to provide construcive and purposefull

    services to disableds, orphans, war veteran and calamity struck people and are doing a great job. These

    bodies needs all the aminities, wealth and time to time support to work smoothly.

    Since the crypto world is the place where wealth is generated using technology. If this wealth cannot

    be used for social welfare then all these reforms and wealth generation is puposeless. Looking towards

    this paradigm Doppler Team is intended to help these bodies in near future when reaching to a significant value.

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